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        Really Killer Systems (RKS, Inc.) is comprised of Jim and Mary Beck, Roy and Shirley Noel,
        Sandy Butler, and several local, national, and international sub-contractors and suppliers.


        RKS has been a leader in the OEM and after market systems/subassemblies for the Coin-Op
        industry for many years, specializing in small runs and specialized devices to fit certain, sometimes
        narrow needs.  Although the Coin-Op industry has been our major thrust and we have completed
        several successful large game projects, we are also a diverse lot.  We have been involved in projects
        as diverse as A Dash-CAM systems for Law Enforcement vehicles and water treatment systems for
        pork farms.  Our real love is to do R & D for limited run products at a reasonable price.  In other words
        we like to make widgets and gadgets.


        RKS is located in Fayetteville, GA USA.  If you were looking for us on a map you would find us just
        south of the Atlanta airport.  Our official digs are located at 121 Bethea Rd.  Suite 307,
        Fayetteville, GA 30214.


        RKS has pulled together a group of people that love what they do along with a network of subcontractors
        and suppliers that is second to none.


        Well, that was mostly answered in the "How" above.  We realized that we could make great
        products and sell them at reasonable prices, and at the same time make a passable living.


Anyway, that's our story in a nutshell. If you need some design work give us a call, we might just surprise you.

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